Monday, September 21, 2015

Pits & Perils PC: Brother Odo, The Penniless

It's been a few weeks since I've posted. I've managed to find some time to play, though my blog reading has been spotty, and my posting non-existent. In the near future I hope to post about Pits & Perils and the first three sessions I got to run with +Ken H  and +Tim Shorts. Ken is going to run the same system in what is likely to become a shared world with rotating GMs (Ken, Tim and me) – a very exciting prospect. In anticipation for the game, I've written up my PC who will be adventuring with Tim's character Chevor (who started in the game I ran). I now present to you Brother Odo, the Penniless.

An official Character Record Sheet from Olde House Rules
-- a must have for Pits & Perils, and it's free from DriveThruRPG!

With only two PCs, we've been giving each of them two henchmen to begin with above and beyond starting gold. Otherwise my guy really is Penniless. I threw a "1" for Odo's 1d6 x 10 starting gold, giving a whopping total of 10 gp for starting gear. Yes, that is as bad as it sounds.


  1. Let's hope there's plenty of gold in his future!

  2. Oh fickle fortune! Well, Odo goes forth to meet peril hungry.

  3. I rolled on "1" for gold pieces with Phrandor, but since he cannot use armor, it was not such a big deal.