Saturday, March 5, 2016

DIY DM Screen (with thanks to Jeremy Tully for the idea)

I've been fiddling around with DIY DM screens since I've been playing FTF with Brie. I tried using commercially made screens, but found it's too hard for us to see each other over the top of the screen at the dining room table. I even ended up with pinched upper back muscles after craning my neck over the screen for a whole session. So a screen with panels in landscape-orientation, rather than portrait-orientation, seemed in order. And that meant DIY.

The coolest option I found was Jeremy Tully's DM screen on youtube -- so a huge thanks to him for that! If you're thinking about doing a screen of your own, check out his video.

In a nutshell, Jeremy uses binder clips to lock some three-ring binders together and tables in page protectors. I just used his idea with landscape-oriented binders and page protectors rather than normal ones. What I got looked like this:

I get to pick my art for the outside and change it any time I want.

I get the tables I want inside, and can even have extra pages of tables, flipping to what I need at a given moment. 

It folds up pretty compactly for storage and transport.

I'm looking forward to trying it out in our game this evening.


  1. I love how it folds up, neatly like that.

  2. Craftsmanship at its best Lord Chris. May your TPKs not include your wife.

  3. That's good work, should work well!

  4. Great way for any GM/DM to work his way..into a Bind (er!).

    Nice bit 'o work.

  5. I see you had the same design (Idk who was the smart mind who thought it was a good idea, honestly) as I got, with the rings on one side instead of in the spine of the binder. Mine has two rings instead of three. Still pretty useful and portable. Found this post while looking for cool art to print for it.