Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Commemorating June 6 with Panzercorps Overlord Scenario

It's June 6, I have the day off, and so I spent the morning listening to D-Day radio broadcasts from the WWII Foundation as I fired up my copy of Panzercorps and started playing the Overlord scenario.

Turn 1: June 6-8, 1944

1. The British and Canadians take Caen.
2. British paratroops block panzers counterattacking up the Falaise-Caen road.
3. The Americans fight their way toward St. Lo.
4. Americans march up the peninsula toward Cherbourg, meeting little resistance.
5. Reinforcement waves arrive on the beaches as naval guns pound coastal defenses.

Turn 2: June 9-11, 1944

1. The British paras take a pounding but continue to hold against the German armored counterattack up the Falaise-Caen road.
2. The Americans take St. Lo, then hold it against German counterattack.
3. The American march toward Cherbourg continues, as naval guns pound defenses near the coast.

Turn 3: June 12-14, 1944

1. Allied armor relieves the British paratroops and starts to push south toward Falaise.
2. The Americans continue to hold St. Lo, as armored reinforcements arrive.
3. The Americans take Cherbourg and clean out the last German resistance in the area.
4. The last of the Allied reinforcements come ashore.
5. British armor begins probing east toward Paris.

More to come as the campaign continues...

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