Sunday, January 30, 2011

Smaller War Bands with SONG OF BLADES AND HEROES

Reading Leutenant Brittan's Song of Blades and Heroes battle report over at his LEVIATHAN BLOG  made me think that maybe SBH could work better for smaller-scale "heroic" skirmishes than I originally thought. To test this out, I've drawn up some war bands for existing figures in my collection, using the War Band Builder accessible through the "downloads" link at the Ganesha Games site.

Here are the first two that I hope to use in a test battle in the near future.

The Orcs are from Reaper; Krug is a pre-painted Heroscape mini.

Barbarians, all from Reaper.
The rock formations in both photos came from the Wal-Mart aquarium aisle.

The big question for me is what the higher-than-average stats for all figures involved will do to the game (if anything).

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