Friday, April 10, 2015

A little off topic...

In fact totally off topic. A sad but fairly true commentary on my profession. A little exaggerated, but not by much.

"So you want to get a Ph.D. in the humanities..."

"Nine years later..."

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Simple Weather Table

Just futzing around with a simple weather table to give temperature, precipitation, lightning and wind all with a single d100 roll, coupled with a d4 roll for duration in days. The idea was to create periods of weather with minimal dice rolls allowing a GM to quickly plot out an entire month's worth or even year's worth of weather prior to play.

The results are weighted to give a normal seasonal temperature more often than not. Little to no wind and precipitation are more frequent than heavy winds and precipitation. Heavy precipitation has about a 50% chance of being accompanied by lightning in the spring and summer months.

The GM has to use judgment to interpret certain outcomes. Several days of heavy precipitation in the winter months will bring deep snow, several days of heavy precipitation in summer months may bring about flooding in low-lying areas, etc. Changes in weather can be made as gradual or abrupt as necessary for the GM to create a natural feel to the effects. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Adventure Sound Bites

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the blogosphere. Here are two weeks' worth of adventure sound bites from the Monday Night Ubergoobers.

From last week:

A: "How did Leshar [a lizard-man PC] escape from the gladiator pits?"
B: "He pretended to be luggage."

"Leshar was glad he ate her!"

"They've got a man-crush on Leshar."

"Mixed metaphors are one of the mysteries of his church."

"Not even the bad guys wanted him on their side."


From last night: 

"He looks like somebody just stole his blueberry muffin."

"You can burn your bridges. You can burn your britches. Just don't burn the bread."

A: "I can't find the button to roll a perception check."
B: "That means you get disadvantage on your roll."

"Apparently I'm oblivious but very persuasive."

"You can probably get some privacy out in the barn."

"The head official stands up like somebody put an electric shock to his ass."

"Use your paladinism!"

"I'll get right in the faces of the dandy-boys and smile."

"Attempting smackage....smackage achieved!"

"Boom! There's paladin all over the place!"

"Hard to score a hit when you're slippin' in your own piss."

"Use your ruler, see how long it is."