Wednesday, December 7, 2016


The walls of +Ken H's Montporte megadungeon shook tonight as an explosion killed 8 party members and left only 6 standing.

OK, it's my fault. 

But I can explain....

We'd been having encounters with a bunch of cultists and heard rumors that they were planning a ritual to make themselves immortal. We rescued a couple of gnomes intended for sacrifice in that ritual and in the next room we discovered a number of ritual components -- ceremonial candles, a special dagger, and three vials of components consisting of dragon blood, unicorn blood, and the blood of the fey Queen of the Summer Court. Alaric (my character) suggested we destroy the stuff, the idea being that it was the only way to stop the cultists from executing their plan. We were pretty deep in cultist territory. If we kept the materials, we might be captured, the bad guys would get the stuff back, and they would become immortal. So my reasoning went. Septimus agreed and Skull remained silent, thinking Septimus and I knew what we were doing. 

We didn't. 

I poured the components on the ground, poured oil on top, then dropped a torch on it. The puddle blew up in a fireball right in our faces. Alaric, Skull, Septimus, and Septimus' sidekick survived the blast. A torchbearer and a dog who were outside the room also survived. Killed in the blast were our two remaining sidekicks, the prisoners we'd rescued and four henchmen. 

The moral of this story is that even when you've been playing for over 35 years, you can still do stupid sh** that gets characters killed.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

One Campaign Ends, Another Begins

My wife and I finally wrapped up our White Box campaign. It took her from first to fifth level and ran almost a year.

The cult of Vecna were hunting for their namesake's remains to raise him from the dead* and bring him back. Olivia (my wife's character) hunted down cult leaders one by one, extracted information them, and eventually pursued the head of the whole operation to (a modified version of) the Isle of Dread, where she polished off the leader and her minions, found the dusty, powdered remains of the evil Wizard (all but the hand and eye of course), and destroyed them with acid.  Along the way she solved the mystery of an elvish ambassador's assassination, stopped a bugbear invasion of the region, took out a small but up-and-coming assassin's guild, saved a childhood friend from slow poisoning, and rescued her mentor from imprisonment, torture and impending death. For her first campaign I think she did OK.

When I asked what she wanted to do next, she said "scif-fi!" We watch a lot of sci-fi on Netflix, but I've never run a sci-fi game before so I'm looking forward to it.

We've created a character for her using White Star and the White Star Companion. Our setting will be Dark Matter-ish (which is what we're currently watching on Netflix) in tone -- so no Star Knights, magic, or sapient alien races. Just humans, human colonies, cut-throat corporations, criminals, and space hazards. Her character is Cielle de Rhé, a bounty hunter. Her sidekick is a Deep Space Explorer named Duncan, and she has a Robot named Axle. She also has a battered old scout ship named The Bête noire, acquired as booty when she brought in the criminal who previously owned it.

Today is the calm before the storm before my last set of exams and research papers comes in for grading. After that I hope to get an adventure written and get the play underway over the holidays.


*I took an intentional liberty here. Officially, if I recall correctly, Vecna was destroyed and only his hand and eye survived; I decided the rest of him was not destroyed but lay hidden for years in a long forgotten temple on the Isle of Dread.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Adventure Sound Bites

Haven't done these in a while and I kinda missed doing them. Here are the sound bites from the last few weeks...

"Non-hostiles in your rear!"
(Well, it's sure a relief that they're not hostile -- ed.)

"You're gonna need to drink a morning-after potion."

"I lost my buzz!"

"Let's not peek into the quirk."

"You're pog-master tonight."

"I shoot the zombie across the room."
(Three cheers for semantic ambiguity! -- ed.)

"The Dungeon Master is in a bad mood."

"You see a basket. Something wicker this way comes."

"Hey man, how's the dung going down?"

"Thank you for grabbing me."

"We don't need no stinking badger!"

"We pursue the orcs. What do we see?" – "Little orcan fannies."

"Apart from chopping off their heads are you doing anything else?"
(Because sometimes decapitation just isn't enough -- ed.)

"Now that was not a manly release of bodily fluid."