Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vognur – First D&D 5e Character

Rolled up my first D&D 5e character this morning, a fighter named Vognur. I used random rolls for the personality traits, ideals, etc., and just picked from the standard class equipment list to save time. Character creation still took me about an hour, but I expect that will decrease as I get more familiar with the process. I'm going to try rolling up a cleric later this weekend, and I'll be using either the fighter or the cleric in the 5e game +Rob Conley is planning to run for the Ubergoobers in August. The character sheet came from a collection of them posted over at:


  1. Having little experience is this good?

    1. Hard to say, as it's my first character with the new system (so I'm not sure how he'll fit into the overall balance of the game). Compared to an "old-school" character from an early edition of D&D or one of its clones, I'd say he looks a bit tougher (more bonuses, better armor class, etc.). But if there's an overall inflation in the system relative to older games, he may be no tougher than a fighter from those editions.