Thursday, April 20, 2017

OD&D: Ravensburg Sessions 5 and 6

Catching up with two weeks worth of session reports in one post.

Session 5: First off, two Wednesdays ago when +Tim Shorts and I had a one-on-one session...

     Boneswa the elf and his sidekicks sought out information regarding the ornate ring he and Roghan had found in the Black Tower the previous week. Boneswa found an old widowed antiquities vendor, Natalia Stoynich, who offered to look into it, but it would take a few days.
     While waiting, Boneswa decided to head north on the Willowgrove Road to hunt for goblins, since he had so far found none on the first level of the Black Tower's dungeons. After a few hours march he was attacked by a fairly large band, and barely managed to drive them off. The surviving goblins fled toward...the Black Tower. Boneswa headed back to Ravensburg to collect the goblin bounty. A lieutenant of the Ravensburg's Black Guard paid the bounty and said he could hook up Boneswa with some caravan guard work in the future.
     Boneswa then headed back to Natalia's antique shop. She had the name of the family whose crest appeared on the ring, and gave Boneswa the address of Durston Lowell, last heir of a family of halfling bankers in Hightower.
     Boneswa paid master Lowell a visit, discovering he was an impoverished last heir, living in a mansion that was falling apart. The ring had belonged to Lowell's brother, who had disappeared in the Black Tower in a bid to regenerate the family fortune. In exchange for the ring, Lowell gave Boneswa three items which a comrade of his brother's had brought back from the dungeon – a potion of healing, a ring of spell storing, and a magic sword (exact nature as yet unknown to Boneswa).
   Here the session ended.

Session 6: Last night, +Rob Conley was back in action playing Roghan, the fighting-man.

     Not looking to head back into the tower again so soon, Boneswa and Rhogan checked with Lieutenant Argus about caravan work. Argus came through and put them in contact with an agricultural exporter named Susan Fellgood. The adventurers and the businesswoman haggled a bit and agreed on a fee. Two days later they set off.
     Over the course of the two-day journey south along the Ham's Fork road, the party encountered a massive ditch blocking the road (carved out by a recently fallen meteorite), and with the help of some elven hunters (for which the party traded some of the goods they were transporting), they built a makeshift log bridge over the ditch and continued on.
     Camping for the night near a broken down church, the party set out trip wires. During the pre-dawn watch, two ogres stumbled over it. Spells were cast, and soon one ogre was sound asleep, and the other charmed. The party ditched the ogres by telling the charmed one to head north and check out the meteorite for them once his companion woke up.
     Reaching the Ham River, the group encountered a young woman about to commit suicide by throwing herself off the bridge into the water with a rock tied to her ankle. Boneswa talked her out of it, and convinced her to accompany the party the rest of the way to Ham's Fork. On the way, the young woman, Helena, admitted she had recently been afflicted with kaprothropy, and was now a were-boar. On two separate occasions she had lost control of herself and killed people from her village. Unable to bear what she had become, she wanted to end her life. The party promised to find a priest or a healer to help her.
     Once in Ham's Fork, the party settled their accounts with Susan Fellgood and went in search of the priest of Saint Lillian's church. Father Michael took the party in for the night, but admitted Helena's condition was beyond his own knowledge and abilities. He sent some parish members out in search of Diana Foxglove, a halfling healer who wandered the environs of Ham's Fork.
     The next morning at breakfast, Father Michael was able to give the party news of Diana Foxglove's whereabouts. She was in a hamlet known as Goodwater, about a day's march to the west. The hamlet was engaged in a minor war with a local band of goblins, and Diana was serving them as medic.
     The party made their way to Goodwater and made the acquaintance of Diana and the hamlet's makeshift militia. The group offered to put an end to the local goblin scourge, and Diana agreed to cure Helena's kaprothropy.
     And here the session ended.


  1. Part 1) Sounds like a fun game
    Part 2) I'm going to have to play catch up
    Part 3) I kinda wanna record my own sessions now. haha

    1. Check out the sound bites on past posts. Some funny stuff.