Thursday, March 30, 2017

OD&D: Ravensburg/Black Tower Session 4

Last night Roghan the Fighting-Man joined up with Boneswa the Elf to plumb the depths of the Black Tower once more.

Player Characters 
   - Boneswa the Elf ( +Tim Shorts )
   - Roghan, the Fighting-Man ( +Rob Conley )

   - Sister Regina, a Cleric (Boneswa)
   - Corder, a Fighting-Man (Boneswa)
   - Presto, an Elf (Roghan)
   - Lena, a Magic-User (Roghan)

New Rumors
In Ravensburg's Surly Dragon Inn, Roghan and Boneswa picked up two new rumors:
   - A large cat – perhaps a mountain lion? tiger? – has been spotted on the edges of the briars.
   - Goblins are based in the southwest of the dungeon's first level.

The party entered the tower and headed east with the plan of exploring how far the dungeon extended in that direction (the dungeon is relatively large but it's not a megadungeon, so the party knows there are definite edges to it). Once they could go no farther east, they turned north, pushing for the edge of the dungeon that way. In the course of their exploration, they found a spiral staircase leading down to a lower level (or levels), but they did not follow it down.

The party had three encounters with zombies who seem to have infested the northeast section of the dungeon. One cloaked zombie turned out to be a spellcaster who blasted Corder (one of Boneswa's sidekicks) with a magic missile, before being taken down.

   - The party discovered a secret wall compartment that contained a tiny silver orb, about 1" across. The orb responds to questions with beeps and whistles (think R2-D2).
   - The party passed through a previously explored room where they had found a child's ragdoll and a fingerpainted parchment depicting a happy family (mom, dad, little girl, all smiling on a sunny day). In an adjacent room, the party discovered a zombie devouring the remains of a man and a woman, non-adventurers in "civilian" traveling clothes.
   - In another room the party encountered a fist-sized gem floating in mid air. Roghan's sidekick Lena approached it with a 10' pole and prodded it. A hail of arrows shot from the walls, but Lena's use of the 10' pole made it easy for her to dodge them (+4 to her save). The gem however disappeared. It turned out to be a projection of some sort. The party drove an iron spike into the hole from which the projection originated.

   - Ornate, finely crafted gold ring with a gem chip (worth 300 gp, but the party wants to see if it is perhaps a family heirloom to anyone in Ravensburg, who might be willing to pay more for its return).
   - 50 gold coins in a pouch
   - A wooden unholy symbol (from the zombie mage's neck)
   - A bundle of silverware hidden up a kitchen chimney (worth 40 gold)


  1. Lots of fun last night. I really dig your Black Tower dungeon. It is classically old school with a modern day sophistication.

    1. Wow, I've never been accused of sophistication before! :)

      Seriously though, thanks, and I'm glad you like it. I have a lot of fun running it.

    2. Hahaha on the sophistication. Happy Gaming.