Monday, March 27, 2017

OD&D: Ravensburg/Black Tower Game Report 3 (Brother Reginald goes to the hereafter)

Two Wednesdays ago our group was again reduced to just +Tim Shorts and me. So another casual session of Ravensburg it was, with Tim's elf, Boneswa, heading into the Black Tower alone with his two sidekicks, Brother Reginald the Cleric and Corder the Fighting-Man. Joining the small party this time was Kenny, the Torchbearer (note to +Ken H: Tim chose the torchbearer's name, not me).

On their way to the tower, Boneswa and company met the same man they had encountered last time, with orange-reddish hair and beard, streaked with black, sitting on a log at the edge of the briars, relaxing and smoking a pipe.

Boneswa spoke a bit more at length with the fellow, whose name was Tom. From him Boneswa learned that goblins and other things had been entering the tower, at the beckoning of a new master. As for Tom himself, he merely watched the comings and goings of people and creatures to and from the dungeon. Tom wished the party luck as they headed on.

Entering the dungeon and heading south, Boneswa and company encountered more of the hairy, bearded, leather-armored warriors they had encountered in their last expedition. These turned out to be furious berserkers, and in the ensuing fight Brother Reginald was slain.

Returning to Ravensburg, Boneswa and his companions delivered Brother Reginald's body to the Church of Saint Baldric. There Reginald's sister, also a cleric of Saint Baldric, joined the party to take up the work of her brother, smiting chaos with the party.

After some healing, a funeral, and the gift of a healing potion, the party returned to the tower. This time they found Tom's log on the edge of the Briars unoccupied. Examining it, they found tufts of what looked like his hair – but found it was feline in nature.

Proceeding to the dungeon, Boneswa and his followers defeated more berserkers. They also found a room with several iron cages. One cage had its door ripped off, with bits of blood and animal fur on the bars that looked very much like the hairs found on Tom's log.

Lootwise, the highlight of the expedition was the acquisition of a 400 gp gem.


  1. You forgot the part where we smitted chaos and rendered villainy.

    1. There was just too much of that going on to fit it all in. :)