Thursday, March 16, 2017

OD&D: Ravensburg/Black Tower Game Report 2

Last week, and last night, the Wednesday night group was unable to get everyone together again, so we hopped into the Black Tower once more (the "casual corner" in Ravensburg) to just to toss some dice. Here is last week's session report; I hope to post last night's report later today.

Boneswa the Elf (+Tim Shorts) was joined by the Fighting-Man Rhogan (+Rob Connelly). Counting their sidekicks (elf, fighting-man, cleric, magic-user), this brought total party strength up to 6 members.

This time Boneswa the Elf (+Tim Shorts) was joined by the Rhogan the Fighting-Man (+Rob Conley). Counting their sidekicks (elf, fighting-man, cleric, magic-user), this brought total party strength up to 6 members.

The adventurers encountered more rats and, more importantly found conclusive evidence that there were in fact zombies in the northeast of the dungeon's first level – keeping the head of one zombie as evidence. The party also encountered three rather hairy, bearded warriors in leather armor (1). Rhogan's sidekick, Lena, charmed them, and sent them off to the north to hunt giant rats.

Numerous rooms were explored. The most curious was one with unusual triangular ceiling tiles in a complex pattern. Some of the tiles had a slightly different color. Rhogan used a 10-foot pole to press on one. It glowed. It also pointed to the next discolored one. Rhogan proceeded to that one and again pressed it, and it glowed, pointing to the next one and so on. This process was repeated until Rhogan had made his way along a tortuous path across the room to the exit on the opposite side. Rhogan warned the rest of the party to follow the path of the ceiling tiles as they must have been put there for a reason. The rest of the party did so, and nothing calamitous happened (evil grin).

Also of note, the party found dropped on the floor in one room a child's rag doll and parchment with a finger painted image of a happy family. Both looked very new. This elicited expressions of puzzlement and concern.

In another room the group found an altar once belonging to the recently defeated cult of Vecna. This particular altar appeared old and not used in ages, however.

Otherwise the adventurers picked up a reasonable amount of treasure and headed back to Ravensburg. On their return trip, they encountered a man with orange-reddish hair and beard streaked with black, sitting on a log at the edge of The Briars, relaxing and smoking a pipe (2). After exchanging a few pleasantries, the group returned to the city and turned in their zombie head to Lieutenant Argus of the Black Guard for a hefty reward.

(1) The party would encounter more of these guys a week later (last night).
(2) The party would encounter this fellow again a week later (last night) as well.

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