Monday, March 24, 2014


There is no place for them in the villages of Ephemera. They live in huts and hovels, cabins and caves. They may live under bridges, or amid the rubble of some ancient building.

They generally live alone, or at most in small family groups. Some have chosen of their own volition to leave the company of men. Others have been cast out for some unspeakable act – or perhaps simply for being different. Unlike the Wanderers, they don't move around, and they won't be joining the Cindarrin on their adventures. But the world flows past their front door, and they see much over the years. The outsiders – when they are not dangerous homicidal psychopaths – can provide a wealth of information, and possibly some desperately needed tools or supplies. Whether criminal or victim, they can be deeply untrusting of strangers that arrive upon their doorstep. They're as like as not to shoot first and ask questions only when recovering arrows from the body, if at all. One thing is certain. If they have survived on their own as long as they have, they are absolutely not to be trifled with. And whatever you do, it is probably better not to ask them about their past.


  1. Do the Outsiders have a unified culture or that only united by being separate from their native culture?

    1. The latter. The name isn't even one they'd give themselves, not seeing themselves as part of any type of group. An outsider generally feels no connection with other outsiders or with anyone else. The collective term was coined by Cindarrin and Wanderers who encountered these isolated individuals. Its use was then spread by Cindarrin and Wanderers to the villages (and to Outsiders themselves) and has only through that transfer come into general use. Basically the difference between Wanderers and Outsiders is that the former move around -- sometimes congregating and/or coming into contact with villages -- while the latter stay put and stay alone.

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    1. The image does have a rather appealing quality.

  3. I am looking forward to playing on Monday night with you as GM.