Monday, September 16, 2013

Learning Curve

I rewatched the movie THACO over the weekend. Makes me laugh every time.

Ben, Duck and Jon discuss the RPG group that Ben's running for the kids at school.

BEN: We had the first meeting of the RPG Group.
DUCK: Uh, what adventure did you play?
BEN: Borderlands.
DUCK: Niiiice.
JON: Good solid grounding in the classics, huh?
BEN: Yeah, well they, uh, spent an hour and a half rolling up characters and then they split up within the first ten minutes.
JON: [chuckling] No-ho wa-hay-hay...
BEN: Yeah, the thief announced he was sneaking off to look for treasures.
JON: Ha! Ha! Ha! [ironically] Because they're just going to be out in the open like that. Oh, that is so cute!
BEN: Ah, to be level one again...
DUCK: Well, I hope you taught them a lesson and slayed them to the last man with wandering monsters!
BEN: No, I bloodied 'em a little bit and let them make it back to town.
DUCK: I thought you said you were trying to teach them something!
BEN: I am.
DUCK: Well, how do you expect them to learn anything if you don't execute them every time they make a mistake?

THACO (2008)


  1. Fair enough............I suppose??? he he!

  2. Have not seen it yet. Going to have to check it out.

  3. Will have to check it out for a bit of geekery!