Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Counterattack at Synnaeth: The Debacle (Conclusion of a SONG OF BLADES AND HEROES Battle Report)

The battle at Synnaeth is already going badly [ PART 1 ; PART 2 ] for the orcs as they try to hold the village of against the human counterattack. As the occupiers see their feeble attempts to stem the human advance fail, they waver once more, unable to organize better resistance.

[Game note: again the orc activation rolls were miserable. Since their luck with multiple activation dice hadn't worked out so well, they shifted to attempting single-die activations – and rolled four ones in a row. If my math is correct, the chance of this happening is roughly eight one hundredths of a percent. The least of the orc captain's obscenities would make human ears bleed.]

From that point on, the fight becomes a slaughter. Two more orcs get killed, and yet somehow the remainder, instead of routing, hang on in a futile effort to hold the line.

[Game note: after miserable activation rolls, the four remaining orcs make miraculous morale rolls, with each one passing on all three dice. Go figure.]

Still, the battle closes as one would expect, since the orcs, who initially outnumbered the humans are now outnumbered themselves by almost two to one. The men quickly grind them down, ganging up and overwhelming them.

Toward the end, only Pog, the orc captain, remains. And it looks as though he might actually break free and at least save himself, by sneaking back through the village of Synnaeth and then into the forest beyond. But Mynnoth, the dragon, is too fast, swooping down between Pog and salvation. Alone against the dragon, Pog has no hope. Mynnoth catches the orc in his mighty jaws and swiftly devours him.

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