Monday, March 28, 2011

Counterattack at Synnaeth: The Opening (Part One of a SONG OF BLADES AND HEROES Battle Report)

The human warband moves into the outlying farmsteads of Synnaeth village. Pog orders his orcs to form a defensive line protecting both flanks with the farm buildings. He deploys his archers on the orc left, and positions Maggr, the troll, to the far right. Pog's hope is to use Maggr to break up the human attack by pounding on the pink-skins' left flank.

During the humans' advance, Captain Burris directs Mynnoth, the dragon, to the left flank in order to lead the attack against the enemy troll. Meanwhile he orders his warriors to advance in the center to engage the bulk of the orc force, and posts Imbal on the right flank to either support the central engagement with spells, or to defend that flank from attack.

As the two forces close, the orcs manage to maintain cohesion but have not quite worked their way into the defensive position Pog desired, with their line being slightly more "concave" than would suit his taste. Captain Burris, on the other hand, is pleased as Mynnoth moves to almost within fire-breathing range of the enemy troll.

To be continued...