Thursday, March 31, 2011

Counterattack at Synnaeth: First Blood (Part Two of a Battle Report for SONG OF BLADES AND HEROES)

Mynnoth breathes fire at Maggr with a ferocious blast that does no damage to the troll but which knocks him to the ground. Seeing the troll down, the human warriors swarm on top of him, hacking with their swords. The great troll tries to fend them off, but is wounded. Meanwhile, Imbal transfixes the orc on the flank nearest the human warriors piling up on Maggr.

The orcs are completely stunned by the ferocity of the human onslaught, staring, dumbfounded, at the disaster beginning to brew on their right flank [Pog's reaction to the orcs' hideous activation rolls has been censored – ed.].

The humans make a general advance. One warrior delivers a mortal wound to the fallen Maggr, and Captain Burris personally finishes off the transfixed orc. Mynnoth flies left to exploit the exposed orc flank.

Pog's troops suddenly pull themselves together, but to poor effect. Their archers shoot wide of the mark, and though their warriors reform the line to try and hold against the humans, yet one more of them is knocked flat on his back.

To be continued...

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