Sunday, March 6, 2011

Something Wicked: STEEL AND GLORY Battle Report

Here is the battle report for the scenario I posted yesterday.

Turn 1: The two groups advance. The mayor and the wraith are the first to trade blows, while Connor moves out to the flank to get a clear angle on the wraith.

Turn 2: The wraith projects his death field, draining life from the mayor, Alaine, and Titus, then touches the mayor with his deadly hand. The mayor's stout heart does not succumb to the touch however, and he pulls away unscathed. Connor, from his new position takes a carefully aimed shot which, with some additional luck, severely wounds the wraith. Titus commands Alaine to charge the wraith and she successfully gathers her courage and does so. Titus then steels himself against the deadly aura of the wraith and charges the fiend as well. The skeletons rush to their master's defense. One strikes Alaine from behind but her armor deflects the blow. Alaine unleashes two mighty blows that further wound the wraith, before a second skeleton attacks her from behind cutting deeply, through her armor this time, and into her flesh. A third skeleton strikes at Titus who avoids the blow, while the last one charges into contact with Connor who must drop his bow and use his dagger to fight close. The mayor strikes the wraith hard with his mace and very nearly destroys the evil creature's tenuous connection to the world of the living. Nearly, but not quite. The foul spirit's death field continues to drain the life of all those near him. The undead wretch again reaches out his ghastly hand to the mayor, who this time blanches as a measure of his life force is wrenched out of him.

Turn 3: Because of his wounds, however, the Wraith's will is shaken and he disengages from the melee in order to fall back and compose himself. Titus is locked in combat with a skeleton and cannot pursue. The skeletons protect their master well. Though their attacks are ineffective, they continue to harry the Barony brave hearts. Alaine successfully strikes one with a bone-cracking blow, as does Connor, but neither hero is willing to risk breaking away in order to go after the wraith. The mayor, though, is not engaged. He successfully grits his teeth against the terror of the undead lord and charges the wraith, reinitiating contact. The wraith, for his part, uses his deadly touch to great effect as he receives the mayor's charge, weakening the mayor severely.

Turn 4: Now carving a wide arc in the air with his great sword, the wraith smashes through the mayor's armor, flesh and bone, killing him. Having regained his own force of will, the wraith rashly rushes Sir Titus who puts his sword straight through the center of the Wraith's hood.

All at once a great squealing howl goes up and a swirling wind spins violently outward from the village square as the wraith's sword and robes drop to the ground. The night grows blacker, and the skeletons' bones snap and crack and turn to powder, caught by the twisting tempest wind and carried off into nothingness. A burst of sickly blue light springs from the ground where the wraith's robes have fallen, speeding into the sky and then exploding like a hell-sent firework. Where the robes fell, there is nothing but a scorched patch of turf.

Then just as suddenly all is silent, and the light of moon and star returns. Titus, Alaine and Connor stand alone on the green, beside the dead body of the mayor.

The village of Candlewick has been saved from an evil fate, but only at the cost of its well-loved leader.

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