Saturday, March 5, 2011

Something Wicked Comes to Candlewick: a STEEL AND GLORY Scenario

Sir Titus looked at Alaine, the mayor, and Connor as the rays of the setting sun came through the windows of the mayor's house.

"I suspect," he said, "that the wraith was holding us to use our blood in some dark spell that would increase his power. He will not like having lost us, and will most likely come for us soon, perhaps even tonight."

"However," said the mayor, "until now, he only attacked our livestock. He hasn't yet come into the village to strike at any of us."

"This is true," replied Connor. "But it may be that his power has grown even with the draining of life from our animals."

Alaine nodded. "And in our fight with him, he drained life from us, making him more powerful still."

"Yes," said Titus. "We can no longer count on the runes protecting the village, effective as they have been until now, to go on keeping out the wraith. It will be up to us to stop him."

The sun dipped below the horizon, and the room went dark but for the small fire in the hearth. The mayor stood up. "Very well. We shall keep watch by night and sleep by day until the wraith makes his move, beginning tonight."

The four kept watch beginning that night, and soon they grew accustomed to resting by day and holding vigil through the hours of darkness. On the seventh night, as the moon rose to its zenith, there was a shift in the air, and a cold wind began to blow.

"This is no natural chill," said Connor.

"No," said Titus. "He is coming."

Game start, viewed from the side.

The Board:

The scenario uses a 24" x 24" board, as per the diagram:

Characters, Factions, and Abilities:

Titus (Barony): Command (gives Barony characters an extra action); Parry (blocks blows); Shield Rush (use shield as a weapon)

Alaine (Barony): Mighty Blow (does extra damage); War Horn (gives Barony characters an attack bonus)

Connor (Barony): Dead-Eye (improved bow shot); Luck Shot (alternative improved bow-shot); Dodge (avoid attacks)

Mayor (Barony): Mighty Blow (does extra damage); Shield Rush (use shield as a weapon).

Wraith (Bloodlord Undead): Death Field (drain health at a distance); Death Touch (drain health with touch); Undead (enemies need to pass a will test to move close to him).

Four Skeletons (Bloodlord Undead): None.

Special Rules:

If the wraith is slain, the skeletons are instantly destroyed.

Game End and Victory:

This is a simple fight to the death. If the Barony characters destroy the wraith, they win. If all the Barony characters die or flee, the Bloodlord Undead win.

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