Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tsotha's Blossoms

A nasty little creature inspired by a scene from Robert E. Howard's "The Scarlet Citadel."

Tsotha's Blossoms

Number Appearing: 1
Number in Lair: 1
Armor Class: 5*
Move: 0"
Hit Dice: 5-10
Damage: see below
Special: see below
Treasure Type: None
Alignment: Chaotic

   Tsotha's Blossoms are a demonic, soul-eating plant. The plant's tendrils of thick vine grow up through even the most solid stone of dungeon floors. The vines are covered with strangely pointed leaves and red blossoms. The blossoms do not have the satin-like appearance of normal red flower petals, but rather a violent, unnatural crimson. Whenever a humanoid moves within 30' of it, the plant gives off a universal pheromone. Any male or female humanoid within the 30' radius must save vs. spells or be mesmerized and drawn in to the plant.
   One great blossom on the end of a tendril will then hover near the victim's mouth, as if to kiss him. This first "kiss" from the plant empties the victim's mind of all thought except that of a continuous, painful nightmare. Other tendrils strip the victim of all armor, gear and clothing, and then wind around his body and limbs, caressing them and covering them with lustful, ardent kisses from the flowers. These kisses draw the life energy from the victim, draining 1 hp per day.
   The victim dies upon reaching 0 hp, and his soul then passes through the roots of the plant, where it is transformed into a minor demonic minion. Once the transformation is complete, the newly created minion is deposited by the roots into the underworld to serve for all eternity the first greater demon it encounters.
   The plant has three tendrils per HD, and can take a maximum of one victim per HD. If more victims are present than the plant can handle, the plant will not release its pheromone and attack.

*AC 14 if you play a system with ascending AC.


  1. Cool. Always good to see literary adaptations.

  2. I'm sure I've got some of these growing in my garden!!!!! They sound rather dodgy though????

  3. That's some nasty horticulture!

  4. This could come back to haunt you (well, Dante).