Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Toys: D&D minis pre-paints

Mrs. Bard and I went to the big city this past week, and I could not resist the temptation of game store delights only a mighty metropolis can offer.  While there I snagged some D&D minis pre-painted figures including...

A Goristro ("Goristros are huge demons resembling a man with the head of a bison. Goristros are rude and violent enemies, often employed on the battlefield by demon lords as siege engines.");

Also a War Devil ("Champions of the Nine Hells, war devils obey only pit fiends and archdevils. They also lead lesser devils in forays against those who stand in the way of their masters’ plans. War devils brought to the mortal world sometimes arise as warmasters or generals, leading the armies of evil mortal tyrants.");

And finally a Sivak Draconian ("Sivak Draconians come from the eggs of silver dragons and are the largest of all draconians, ranging from seven to nine feet in height.")

Most likely these will all end up being demon troops of one sort or another for a Song of Blades and Heroes battle at some point down the line.

Also new (waiting on my front step upon my return), and visible in the photos, are the pre-painted "Battlefield in a Box" river sections I recently ordered, along with an Italeri stone bridge which I put together and painted a few weeks ago.  These will do double duty for fantasy battles and for my WWII project.


  1. Those are some pretty good shots. Death by chocolate, I hadn't thought of that one.

  2. Nice daemons, not many times you can say that without candles and pentagrams.

  3. Amazing haul! I love the terrain pieces, too!

  4. Sylvia: Yes, I think he's my favorite of the bunch too, actually. :)

  5. I like the prepainted minis a lot, but so many of them are weird races or monsters I'd never use that it is hard to find a good collection of "utility" monsters to have ready for GMing.

  6. Doc: Yeah, I can see how they'd be problematic like that for GMing. It's a little easier to incorporate them in skirmish gaming, renaming them to be whatever some other rule set allows or requires.

  7. Just popped in to see if you had anything new posted. Hope you're having a groovy day, Bard.\

    Happy Eating :-)

  8. Hi Whisk:

    Thanks for swinging by! I am having a groovy day -- by which I mean after a solid morning of lesson planning for my new fall quarter course, I got a bunch of miniature painting done. My dwarven warband is soooo close to being finished and I'll be putting them up here soon. :)