Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Glythwyl: Character Profile

Glythwyl is a bold, veteran leader of men, from the Jhanakai aristocracy. He is a generous individual, and this, coupled with his family connections, makes him both liked and respected. Though the lands of the Dran Feldar do not technically belong to the Princedom of Jhanakai, Glythwyl's family has, of long tradition, been entrusted as stewards of the Harwyn forest, which extends beyond the formalized boundaries of the Dran Feldar and covers a significant portion of it.

Glythwyl, Elf Captain

Family legend holds that the forest itself is a child of the clan, and its men have a familial duty to protect it. Family is important above all else to Glythwyl, and it is for this reason – not for the wealth to be gleaned from Mithril mining – that he fights with such zeal in the war. All he seeks is to keep the men – whose mining practices he views as careless and destructive when compared with those of his own people – out of the lands to which his family is tied by blood, tradition and honor.

(Character profile created with the assistance of the Platoon Forward rules by Joseph Legan, published by Too Fat Lardies; Image created with FotoSketcher)


  1. It's a good profile, nicely thought out.

  2. I have been looking at ways to use Platoon Forward in Dark Ages gaming too, gocuing on the heroes and champions - a sort of "Warband Forward" if you will.

  3. Thanks all!

    Paul: I like that -- "Warband Foward" -- very cool name for it!