Monday, June 13, 2011

The Hamlet of Kragg: Mithril War Scenario for CHRONICLES OF BLOOD

Prologue: The war was dragging on, and casualties were mounting on both sides. The elves of Jhanakai gave better than they got, but in the long term they would never be able to absorb their losses the way the men of Maradon could.

Ambassadors from both Jhanakai and Maradon had been negotiating with the Dwarves of Kabad'zem, but the Kabads were being surprisingly difficult, and were so far unwilling to back either side. Strategists in the elven and human camps began to suspect that if the war did not end soon, the Kabads would wait until both their countries were spent, and then march into the Dran Feldar to take it for themselves, virtually unopposed.

The Jhanakai commanders learned from their spies that to bring its warbands up to full strength, Maradon had begun to hire Black Band mercenaries from the Obsidian Isles, and had also started to recruit warriors from the Ogre clans on the Maradon border.

In response, Glythwyl and the other elf captains had been ordered to make contact with the various Barbarian tribes native to the Dran Feldar. The barbarians did not trust any of the civilized peoples very much, but had always gotten on better with the elves than the others. The elves generally were able to coexist with them, and tended not to destroy the barbarian hunting grounds, or drive the barbarians off of them, when they made settlements in the Dran Feldar. Glythwyl now began to successfully round out his own forces with barbarian recruits.

When the Maradon commanders learned of the barbarians' entry into the war on the side of the elves, they were not above sending in their mercenaries, and even their own men, to burn out the isolated barbarian villages. And so Glythwyl found himself posted to aid the barbarians in the hamlet of Kragg in the defense of their home. It was not long before the first Maradon warband came upon them.

Terrain and Deployment: The scenario is set up on a 90 cm x 90 cm board, representing the edge of the Hamlet of Kragg. The troops begin 60 cm apart.

Image made with free Battle Chronicler software.

Map Key and OB:

Maradon Warband (Blue Circles on Map):
Captain (C)
4 Human Warriors (W)
2 Black Band Mercenaries (M)
Ogre (O)

Elven Warband (Green Circles on Map):
Glythwyl, Captain (G)
2 Elf Warriors (E)
2 Elf Archers (A)
3 Barbarian Warriors (B)

I've set this up as a Chronicles of Blood game (using individual soldiers rather than regiments), where I'll be controlling the elven warband. Terrain placement, other than the edge of the village, was random. Deployment was according to the CoB rules. For some of these models I used existing stats from CoB, for others I created stats.


  1. Good story set up, looking forward to the action.

  2. Yes! I was hoping you were going to cover this. I've played through a game myself and really enjoyed it. Some houseruling required but fora free game I'm not complaining. Also it does work well in skirmish as well as large battles.

  3. Can't wait to read the report mate :)