Friday, May 13, 2011

Raid on Rhal: Part 2 (The Conclusion; Re-post)

A confused mêlée gradually developed on the hill, in which there were many close calls on both sides. Afraid of the damage the Maradon wizard could do to his rangers, Glythwyl charged up the hill [successful three-dice activation – what a hero!] to engage the magic-user and prevent him casting spells. Glythwyl quickly knocked him down, and things looked dangerous for the Maradon warband – without their spellcaster they would be at a distinct disadvantage. Beragon in his own right charged up the hill to take on the elves' leader, thereby buying time for the wizard to get back to his feet.

 A confused mêlée on the hilltop

Meanwhile on the elves' left, the archers, who had misjudged the speed with which the Maradon soldiers could advance, suddenly found themselves embroiled in a close combat – the last thing they could possibly want. This stripped away the archers' only advantage – their ability to shoot. On top of it all, disaster seemed to rear its head, when the archer on the elves' far left flank was knocked to the ground, then finished off by his opponent.

Outnumbered eight to five to begin with, the elves could not afford to take even a single unanswered casualty. The outcome of the fight now seemed seriously in doubt.

The men of Maradon fall back

However, the tide of battle has its undertow. As the elves' left flank weakened, Glythwyl went on a rampage, killing both Beragon and the wizard. With their leader dead, most of Maradon's soldiers broke, several flying in wild panic, others retreating, with one stout fellow carefully guarding the rear. [Tactical lesson learned: with their high combat strength, elf commanders BELONG in the thick of the mêlée; human leaders most definitely do NOT].

In the end, Glythwyl's rangers held the hill, and the settlement of Rhal, and decisively shattered a powerful Maradon warband.

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