Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ambush on the Forest Road: Mithril War Scenario for SONG OF BLADES AND HEROES

Lord Granthos drummed his fingers on the heavy wooden table as he pondered the guard's report. Beragon and his band had been gone a fortnight and no report had come back. This could only mean that the raid had failed. In which case offensive action on the part of the elves could be expected at any time. Granthos turned to the guard. "Report to your sergeant. Tell him I want increased patrols. Twice as many, sent out twice as far. If there are enemy troop movements, I want to know about it long before they get here."


Glythwyl was waiting for his last scout to come in before evening fell. His men had reported a number of human warbands patrolling the area. Without the troops to mount a major offensive, his orders, for now, were to fight small actions whenever and wherever a favorable opportunity presented itself. These human patrols might just offer him that chance. When the scout returned he told Glythwyl that a band of men was patrolling the route northward through the forest to the east, and appeared to have made camp for the night.
"How far off are they?" asked the elf commander.
"About five hours march."
"Good. We'll move out now and set up an ambush just ahead of them on the forest road."


The Board: The scenario is played on a 3' x 3' board covered in scattered trees with a road running down the center. The odd ruin or rock formation can be dropped in here and there as well.

The two sides set up as per the "Ambush" scenario in the SBH rulebook. The elves use markers (two for each actual soldier) to show where their soldiers might be. When they are activated or spotted, they get replaced by actual figures or are revealed as dummies (to make the markers, I simply took some inexpensive unpainted plastic elves I had lying around, sprayed them black, and voilà).


Glythwyl's Rangers:
Glythwyl, Commander (100)
Elf Warriors (2 x 38)
Elf Archers (2 x 55)
Total: 286 points

Maradon Patrol:
Brunt, Human Leader (60)
Flux, Human Magic-User (40)
Human Archer (44)
Five Human Warriors (5 x 30)
Total: 294 Points


  1. Good set up so far, pray continue.

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