Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Raid on Rhal: Battle Report Part 1

The two warbands rush into the settlement, the elven archers moving quickly to take up positions in cover near the buildings, the elven warriors and Glythwyl trying to seize the high ground to their right. As the men of Maradon push to meet them, the elven archers shoot ineffectively, and soon the men have split up to tackle the dispersed elves, with Beragon's wizard dashing to the hilltop and grabbing the hilltop before the elves can do so.

Opening moves: the big picture

 On the elves' left: two men charge an archer

On the elves' right: a struggle for the high ground


  1. Come on man, I need more, you're just teasing me.

  2. LOL, sorry about that, Lurker. Between work and chores I've only been able to sneak in a few turns. I'll try and do better ;)

    All work and no play makes Bard a dull blogger...

  3. NICE, showing them how they would actually be used ;)