Sunday, February 19, 2012

West Kingdom PbB S&W Game is Rolling Forward!

It's official! We now have four confirmed players for the West Kingdom PbB Swords and Wizardry White Box game. I have to say I'm very enthused about this, and I want to formally welcome all four to the game: Dan, Sonofotho, Professor P and Dienekes. Glad to have you all on board!

Links to the first three character sheets  are up over on the West Kingdom blog, and last night I put the finishing touches on the detail of the region around Fairbrook, as well as adding to the blog a "A New Arrival's Guide to the Lands Outside of Fairbrook" on the  West Kingdom information page (the lower section) . Less detailed than my GM notes, of course, it contains basic information about the region that "a new arrival to Fairbrook will quickly learn, just by keeping an ear open for a few evenings in the common room of the Red Tankard."

Now just a few more prominent NPCs to write up, and a test run of the posting and comments, and I think we'll be all set in plenty of time for our March 1 start date.


  1. Awesome, I look forward to reading the game.

  2. I'll be writing up my PC soon (probably tomorrow). I decided to go with a cleric - but expect more knight-errant than healer.

    Also, are we doing hirelings like torchbearers, or are we sticking to PCs only at the beginning?

    1. Great! I like the knight-errant concept.

      Hirelings will be an option. I plan on making "unskilled" hirelings (such as torchbearers, porters, etc.) fairly inexpensive and relatively easy to acquire. So even at first level the party should be able to hire some with relatively little difficulty, if desired.