Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Ravensburg Gazette

One of the things I've brought into my game with Brie, and which I'm likely to keep in any other games I run in the foreseeable future is The Ravensburg Gazette, a sort of newspaper printed in the town where the campaign is centered.

The advantages of this, I'm finding, are three-fold.

  1. It shows PC accomplishments are making the news (for example, in the image above, it was Brie's character Olivia, who initially discovered the Dargol threat in the first headline, as well as the one who dug up evidence leading to Lilith Tenebris' arrest in the second).
  2. It gives PCs information and leads they can act on to head off on additional adventures (Olivia is currently pursuing the Red Cloak Gang hook).
  3. It creates a "world-in-motion" effect, since items the PCs don't pursue themselves will either develop further, or get resolved one way or another (villains being successful or rival NPC adventurers sorting things out and reaping the rewards) in successive editions of the Gazette

We're supposed to have another session tonight, which of course will be reflected in a new edition of the Gazette prior to our next game.


  1. Love this approach. I used to use a billboard and a newsletter, well opinion piece, from a strong personality writer. Great idea.

  2. Cool. I do this sort of thing from time to time myself.