Sunday, October 20, 2013

Great Time at Con on the Cob

This weekend was Con on the Cob. I'd been looking forward to the con -- and to meeting most of the Monday Night Ubergoobers face-to-face -- for quite a while, and it did not disappoint. For me the only regret is that Ken (Rusty Battleaxe) couldn't make it -- Ken, we missed you, man!


I met up with Tim Shorts (Gothridge Manor) on Friday night. We picked up my badge and bought some Fudge dice, then just hung out for a bit.


Saturday morning and early afternoon were spent playing in Dylan Hartwell's (Digital Orc) Blasphemous Brewery of Pilz. Tim and I were both in on that one along with two other players, Hans and +Dan C., both of whom I met for the first time at the con.

Dylan gave out thematically appropriate beer bottle caps as "bennies," for good role play, clever actions, and funny lines.

Dylan (GM): Everything is quiet and you see no movement. You do see a lot of footprints, donkey prints and donkey droppings.
Me (Cleric): Is the donkey dung old and dry, or soft and fresh?
Dylan (GM):  Very old and dry – you can tell no beasts of burden have passed through here recently.
Me (Cleric, in character): Hey guys, it looks like this place has been inactive for quite some time.
Hans (Fighter, pointing thumb at me): This cleric really knows his shit!

Needless to say, Hans got a bottle cap for that!

We had four players altogether. Two PCs were killed in our run. Beval, the party's thief (played by Dan C.) bit it early on. This Dylan kindly marked on the map, lest we forget.

The second fatality was my own character, Albus the Cleric, who bought it in the last five minutes of the game. That, of course, was my own fault.

I was a stereotypical pain-in-the-ass lawful cleric who wouldn't let anyone loot lawful holy relics, even if the relics weren't from my own religion. Emphasis on anyone. Not members of my own party. Not the group of monsters who outnumbered us but wanted nothing more than to leave the dungeon peacefully.

Yes, the monsters just wanted to get away. But they had a sack of (what I could only assume to be) looted holy relics, and well, I couldn't let that slide, now, could I? So my character charged after them, got himself killed, and nearly got everyone else killed too. Fortunately all the remaining PCs survived, despite Albus' folly.

And of course the monsters' leader got away with the sack of loot. Nice goin', Albus.


The afternoon we spent playing in another game of Dylan's, this time the Menagerie of the Ice Lord. We had a six-person group for this one, with the four from the Blasphemous Brewery game, plus Rob (Bat in the Attic) and +Daniel McEntee from the Monday Night Ubergoobers group.

Rob played a magic-user with a strong KIRBY HAND.

Yes, this is an image of Rob's actual Kirby Hand.

Monsters were slain and treasures looted and a good time was had by all. I was neutral this time and didn't come close to getting myself or anyone else killed.

This was my first time playing with Dylan and he ran two great games. I should say, too, if you haven't seen Dylan's modules, you should definitely check them out over at the Digital Orc. He really writes a great adventure.


Finally after dinner and a few games of zombie dice, the Ubergoobers in attendance sat down to try out Rob's new set of Fudge-based rules.

These are my new Fudge dice. Yay!

We didn't play too long, but we killed a troll and a horde of goblins, and the rules were a blast. I think Rob's really on to something. I'm looking forward to playing with those rules some more.


  1. I really wanted to be there. I was sad and listless all weekend.

  2. Sounds like a good time and nice going Albus!