Monday, July 29, 2013

The Manor #4 is Now Available!

Tim Shorts (Gothridge Manor and GM Games) has released the fourth issue of The Manor. As always it's chock full of good stuff -- this time around a one-shot adventure "Incident at Butcher Creek" and a collaborative bestiary "From Beneath the Manor." If you haven't already, go order a copy (or the corpse flies will get you)!


  1. Wait ... I know that guy. He's currently printing like mad, and I can't get him to go to bed. I'll have to send Bug in. She'll fix his wagon.

    1. Yeah, that whole going to bed thing is problematic. After playing for 3 hours, tonight, what am I doing? I'm sitting here designing a dungeon at 12:30 a.m. And it's not like I need to because people paid to get a copy of it or anything...

      Which means I really have no excuse. Maybe I'll go to bed now.

  2. My wagon does not need fix'n. I need to print, fold, staple, stuff envelopes go to the post office, buy stamps, mail. Repeat a few dozen times.