Saturday, July 30, 2011

Surprise at Cobb's Gate: A Mithril War Scenario for SONG OF BLADES AND HEROES


A strong, warm wind suddenly blew across the woods and fields from behind Glythwyl's encampment. He turned to look up into the newly sunlit sky and saw the dragon on its approach. As much as he disliked his enemies, he felt pity on them for what they were about to endure. "Come," he said to the men gathered around him. "Fear not this beast. He attacks the keep, and it is for us to deal with any who attempt sortie or escape."

The sudden, hot dragon-wind blew the sole pennant right off the top of the tower keep. At a cry from the watch, Valera rushed to the battlement. Looking out to the horizon, she spotted the coming dragon. So this was how the elves planned to drive them from the fortress. Valera cursed under her breath. The tower would crumble beneath the dragon's assault, and they would all simply be crushed beneath the rubble. Better to meet them in the open she thought; at least there they had some chance. "Form up!" she cried. "We'll meet them on the field below!"

The dwarven warchief watched the advancing men and elves on the plain beneath his concealed position on the hilltop. "Finally it begins," he thought. He would wait until the men and elves were fully engaged, and in the confusion of the melee, he would take both enemies in the flank.


A 3' x 3' board set up as follows:


Human Warband
Valera, Human Leader (60 points), Q3, C3, Leader
Ogre Warrior (50 points), Q4, C4, Long Move, Big
Human Archer (44 points), Q3, C3, Shooter (Long)
Five Human Warriors (30 points each), Q3, C3
Total Points: 304 (8 models)

Elven Warband
Glythwyl, Elf Commander (100 points), Q2, C5, Leader
Small Dragon (80 points), Q3, C4, Flying, Big, Shooter (Long)
Wood Elf Archer (50 points), Q3, C3, Forester, Shooter (Long)
Two Elf Warriors (36 points each), Q3, C3, Forester
Total Points: 302 (5 models)

Dwarven Warband (Only enter the fight as per the special scenario rule)
Brogg, Dwarf Commander (95 points), Q2, C4, Leader, Fearless
Cavern Fiend (62 points), Q3, C4, Fearless, Huge, Savage
Two Dwarf Crossbowmen (24 points each), Q4, C3, Short Move, Shooter (Medium)
Three Dwarf Warriors (34 points each), Q3, C4, Short Move
Total Points: 307 (7 models)


To start, the elves move first, and the dwarves not get a turn at all, until they enter as per the special scenario rules. At that point the turn sequence changes.


Entry of the Dwarves: The dwarven warband sets up concealed in the tress on the hill and does not enter the game until one third of the combined models of the elves and humans (i.e., any combination of five models from the two sides together) has been eliminated. Once that number of models has been eliminated, the dwarves become visible instantly (even if mid-turn) by moving just outside the trees in a line at the foot of the hill. Prior to the dwarves' appearance, no model of the human or elven warbands may move into spotting distance of the hidden dwarven force.

Surprise: The appearance of the dwarves will surprise the other two warbands on the table. The instant the dwarves appear, normal play stops and all models of the human and elven warbands still on the table must immediately make a morale check.

New Turn Sequence: Once the dwarves appear and the morale checks have been made, there is a new turn sequence: dwarves then elves then humans (the latter two activate together if allied, otherwise separately and in that order).

Game End: The fight then continues until two thirds of the total models engaged from all sides in the battle (i.e., any combination of 14 models from all three warbands together, including the initial 5 lost by the men and elves). At that point the fight ends, and the warband with the most victory points is considered to have held the field, while the other two run away.


These are calculated as follows.

For the elves:
6 points each for eliminating Valera or the Ogre prior to the arrival of the dwarves
3 points each for eliminating other models prior to the arrival of the dwarves
3 points each for eliminating Brogg or the Cavern Fiend
1 point each for any other model eliminated after the arrival of the dwarves

For the humans:
6 points each for eliminating Glythwyl or the Dragon prior to the arrival of the dwarves
3 points each for eliminating other models prior to the arrival of the dwarves
3 points each for eliminating Brogg or the Cavern Fiend
1 point each for any other model eliminated after the arrival of the dwarves.

For the dwarves:
2 points each for eliminating Glythwyl, Valera, the Ogre or the Dragon
1 point each for any other models eliminated
X for eliminating the last remaining figure of either the human or elven warband, where "X" is one half of the eliminated warband's accumulated victory points, fractions rounded up

If a warband is completely wiped out, it forfeits all of its victory points.


  1. Very interesting looking scenario. I really like the board setup. I am looking forward to seeing this one fought. Who should I be rooting for again? :)

  2. Dan: Excellent! If you're asking which side to root for, that means I've had some success in keeping good and evil out of the equation. :)

  3. As always, I totally dig your setups.

  4. Lurker and Christian: Thanks fellas, I appreciate the encouragement.