Saturday, April 9, 2016

Simple Character and Monster Tokens

This week's project was a set of simple character and monster tokens for my weekly game with Brie. I've been fiddling around with different ideas I found online, and this is the technique I finally decided on.

First I printed out some images of Disposable Heroes characters, along with some color-edited Monster Energy Drink logos.

Then I used a 1-inch hole punch (I think these are generally used for scrap-booking and such), to get a nice round 1-inch cut for the token image.

Then I stuck the one-inch paper circles to the back of some 1-inch epoxy adhesive resin dome circles (which are meant to be used for bottle-cap jewelry, but I find they make a mean token).

It took a bit of trial and error to figure out the best way to hold the dome and the paper circle to put them together with the edges lining up correctly. The adhesive is very unforgiving and, if you mess up, both the dome and the paper circle are completely buggered -- there is no second attempt. But once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing and I was able to crank these out way faster than I could ever paint up a batch of miniatures. The end results looks like this:

Character Tokens

Monster Tokens

The process is really so cheap and easy that I will eventually move on from the generic monster tokens and start building up a collection of tokens made with actual monster images.


  1. Those are cracking work especially the use of monster energy drink tokens!

  2. I love it, and to save money on top of things. Very cool, Bard.

  3. Looks pretty neat. About 20$ worth of stuff on Amazon for 200 tokens. I'm sold.

    1. Thanks. They do come out cheap. I just did up about 80+ monster tokens yesterday. And I still have material left.

  4. Ooh, those are pretty. I like the look the plastic dome gives it.

    I ended up doing things in reverse - I printed out the circles, flipped the paper over, then printed out the monsters on top of the circles - so I had a guide on where to place the token backer.

    Another look at some produce:

    1. Very cool. I just checked out your page -- those tokens look really nice.