Sunday, October 26, 2014

Best. Wife. Ever.

I got a great surprise for my birthday today. My wife gives me a gift in a five-foot long box.  I look at it wondering, what the heck did she get me?! Usually we get each other small stuff for birthdays. A book, a CD, a DVD, something like that. I pick up the box and that bad boy is heavy. Now I'm completely puzzled. I get it open and what do I find inside? A beautiful replica of Narsil!

I totally did not see that one coming. Now I have this terrible urge to run around the yard swinging it over my head screaming at the top of my lungs. Of course if I did, I'd no doubt do serious injury to myself and others. So I won't. But you know I want to!

All I can say is: Best. Wife. Ever.

I totally don't deserve her.


  1. Awesome. You are indeed blessed! All the way from New Zealand... Happy birthday Chris!

  2. She's a diamond, good for those D&D evenings.

  3. Wow! That baby must make for one HAPPY birthday! Best wishes!

  4. A lot of hashing and slicing ahead! ;) Happy birthday!

  5. That's a fantastic blog post title and a groovy gift.

    She rocks.

  6. This is a really awesome gift!