Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ephemera Session 9: Space, Time, and Death

Cast of Characters
Conner, Mage +Tim Shorts
Egbert, Mage +Rob Conley
Alfred, Human Torchbearer (NPC hireling)
Tub, Frost Goblin (Charmed NPC ally)
Bob, Swarthy Dwarf (Charmed NPC ally)
Rundt, Hunchback Swarthy Dwarf (Charmed NPC ally)
Belzar, Swarthy Dwarf (Charmed NPC ally)
Ruger, Swarthy Dwarf (Charmed NPC ally)
Dink, Swarthy Dwarf (Charmed NPC ally)
Gar, Swarthy Dwarf (Charmed NPC ally)

The PCs explored the giant hollow tree they had entered at the end of the previous session, slaying eight giant bats, nine woodrot tendrils and two centipedes in the process. They successfully acquired the centipede venom asked for by Cosmo. Returning to Cosmo's tower, they exchanged the venom for the location of the next Star Stone, in a village called Fargus, far to the north. During the course of their conversation, the PCs learned from Cosmo that the world they know is part of a larger multiverse.

Each hex is a day's march.

The party retraced their steps toward the village of Tarn on the way to Fargus. En route, they stopped at the cabin where they had met Mariana, the keeper of the Obelisk, in the previous session. The cabin, which only a fortnight before had been clean, well-kept and cozy, now appeared in a completely different state. In disrepair, dust-covered and cobweb-ridden, it looked as if no one had lived there for centuries. The obelisk remained, overgrown with moss, but Mariana, the Keeper of the Obelisk was nowhere to be seen.

The next morning, the PCs awoke to a cold snap and the first frost of the season,* and continued on their way.

Arriving in Tarn, the PCs re-equipped and spoke to the new village leader, Helen, a young cleric met in the previous session. Conner inquired as to whether Helen had ever heard of any phenomenon like the one they had just experienced with Mariana's cabin. Helen replied that she was not as knowledgeable as her late mentor, Regina,** but that Regina used to think that time did not necessarily flow like a river, in one direction only. Helen, however, admitted she did not fully understand what Regina meant by that.

The party left Tarn the next day, and made their way to Fargus, which (now 16 days after the information they received from Cosmo), was completely destroyed. The village had recently been raided and burned to the ground. Hacked up bodies were strewn everywhere, nearly everything of value taken, houses in smoldering ruins. The party looked around for the Star Stone Cosmo had told them of. On the ground, trampled into the dirt, the party found an open, empty box with a small brass plate on it reading "The Star of the Warrior."

A path trampled by many booted feet led northward out of Fargus. The party followed this until they came to a wooded hill, just north of a stagnant pond. The trail wound round to the north side of the hill, where it led into a cave.

And here we ended the session.

*Footnote: The campaign began on September 1, in game. The current in-game date is October 24.

**Footnote: Regina, the Cleric of Tarn, was killed by King Gor when he invaded, prior to the PCs first arrival there.


  1. Well, there are some mysteries there--and probably a lot of fighting ahead.

  2. Coincidentally the same thing happens to my house. Clean and tidy one day then inexplicably disheveled and dust covered the next.

  3. I got the feeling we are in for it.