Friday, September 13, 2013

Taking Up the Rejects' Dice Challenge

If you read any of the blogs written by members of Postie's Rejects, you'll know that Big Lee (Big Lee's Miniature Adventures) had an abysmal run of luck with the dice in a recent game they played. Big Lee wrote about a dice rolling test he ran on himself, and Ray (Don't Throw a 1) has turned this into "Poor Lee's Dice Challenge." The idea is to throw 10 x d20, 10 x d10, and 10 x d6, and in each case average the 10 dice thrown to see if you can throw an average low enough to dethrone Big Lee as the King of Crappy Dice.

I've had a couple of runs of bad luck in our Monday night games (e.g. throwing molotov-cocktail-style-flasks of oil multiple times at a gelatinous cube filling the height and width of the corridor not ten feet away from me and being unable to hit it), so I decided to give it a go.

My averages were:

d20 = 9.4
d10 = 5.2
d6 = 4.1

A tad below average on the d20 and d10, but not enough to make me royalty. And my d6 came out above average.

I think this is one case, where it is good not to be the king.