Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jaatu from Reaper

Took some time to paint today, Reaper's Jaatu:

Finished except for his clear overcoat. He might make a nice barbarian shaman, or perhaps a villain.


  1. I vote barbarian shaman. That way he doesn't get killed off in one session and then you don't get to use the mini again.

    He looks good. Did you do a wash or shading on him? The lighting makes it hard to tell on the flesh, but I know that the fine details wash out really easily when you snap a picture.

    1. Thanks! No wash at all. I just use a black base coat, block painting for the colors, leaving thin lines of base coat showing through between items or different colors to make details "pop" a bit more. Sometimes a bit of dry brushing here and there (like on the base here -- hard to see in the light, as you say).