Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Brother Turpin, PC (Back-Up)

PC's die. So just in case I've got a back-up prepared for this week's play test game.

Brother Turpin (Lawful Human Cleric, Level 3)

Brother Turpin is a young, ambitious cleric, with aspirations to rise high enough in the church to do good on a grand scale. He serves as a cleric-errant to forge a reputation leading to that end. Turpin is ever on the watch for some new opportunity to smite or convert the minions of chaos.

HP: 17, AC: 15, SV: 13

STR: 9 (open doors 1-2, carry modifier +5 lbs.)
DEX: 8 (-1 to AC and missile weapon to hit)
CON: 14 (+1 hp/HD)
INT: 10 (two extra languages: elvish, goblin)
WIS: 17 (+5% xp [general], +5% xp [cleric prime attribute])
CHR: 11 (max. 4 special hirelings)

Class Abilities: Banish undead; +2 to saves vs. poison or paralysis.

Cleric Spells (2 x level 1):
Cure Light Wounds (range: touch / cures 1d6+1 hp)
Light (range: 60' / radius: 20' / duration 2 hours)

Armor and Weapons (90 lbs):
Plate Mail (+6 to AC, 70 lbs)
War Hammer (damage 1d4+1, 10 lbs)
War Hammer (damage 1d4+1, 10 lbs)

Other Personal Gear (10 lbs):
Silver Holy Symbol
Backpack (30 lb capacity)
Flint & Steel Hooded Lantern (30' radius)
6 Flasks of Oil (4 hours each)
Hemp Rope (50')
3 Days' Dried Rations

Current Encumbrance: 100 lbs (carry modifier +5 lbs, move base = 9)
Movement: Walking 180, Running 360, Combat 30

Money: 114 gp, 2 sp

XP Bonus: 10% (WIS +5% / Prime Attribute [WIS 17] +5%)
XP: 3,000


  1. I don't understand any of this, but I did want to say hi and let you know that it's snowing here.

    And a weird snow, where it comes down like mad, stops and then like mad again.

    Have fun tomorrow night.

    1. I think the only reason it doesn't confuse me is that I started young, when I had nothing else on which to focus my mental energies. If I were learning it now I'd probably pull my hair out. :)

      We had several bouts of wild flurries here today too. Nothing that stuck on the roads, though. Crazy for visibility driving, but pretty to look at from inside.

      And definitely looking forward to tomorrow night!

    2. Yeah, it's like that here too. Then it stopped. Right now though, it's wild crazy outside.

  2. Absolutely love the name. He looks to be a fine addition.

    1. Well, I'm just hoping I don't need him! :)

  3. Both of these character have a lot of...well, character.