Monday, August 20, 2012

Zombie Champion from Reaper

In the mood for something quick and easy to paint, I worked up a Zombie Champion by Reaper yesterday and today.

Same basing method as last time.

The work goes fast when there's not much detail on the figure.


  1. Nice Bard. I wish I was still painting minis. Too much room.

  2. Nice. A buff, double katana-wielding undead is a force to be reckoned with.

  3. You don't want to be meeting him during the opening credits of the movie! Nice work Bard....

  4. I love this figure (and have painted him up myself), just because he might be the toughest looking zombie I've ever seen.

  5. Tim: I know what you mean about the space. My collection is actually quite small by most standards, and yet even I'm starting to have storage issues.

    Trey:Definitely -- I kinda liked this guy because "Buff" and "Zombie" don't usually go together in my imagination.

    Dan: Thanks!

    Whisk: Thanks! Hope your thumb is better!

    Lurker: Heck, I don't want to meet him during any part of the movie!

    WQRobb: Cool. Do you have him up on your site?

  6. Thank you, it is. No more keeping it wrapped (unless I'm working with raw chicken).

    How goes you?

    1. Glad it's better!

      Today's the first day of the new academic term (sigh). Not ready to go back. Did a lot of research, course prep and admin work over the summer, so not fully recharged. But I can't complain 'cause at least I got a true two-week break at the end. :)

    2. I'm glad you at least got a true two-week break at the end. Here's to a kick-ass new school year :-)