Friday, October 21, 2011

Dungeons and Dragons Online

I hadn't played Dungeons and Dragons Online in while. This evening however, I logged on and, while there, I discovered the in-game monument to Gary Gygax, which is probably not new to most, but was a discovery for me. I couldn't help thinking it was a nice tribute to include in the game.

Greneth, Paladin of Rin, kneels beside the DDO monument to E. Gary Gygax.


  1. Whisk:Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool. Hope you're feeling better!

  2. I was feeling pretty good yesterday. Reading blogs, sitting upright. Today I'm pooped and thankful to have the next three days off. Just about ready to make some tea and head offline for more rest.

    How was your weekend?

  3. Lurker: Thanks!

    Spooky: You're not going Jekyll and Hyde on us are you? :) Glad you've got three days off -- I hope you enjoy them! My weekend was great -- it was the first real weekend I've had in a while. No grading papers or other work-related activities whatsoever! Instead I spent the two days watching Netflix stuff with Mrs. Bard and playing D&D online. Hours and hours of mindless fun all around -- just what I needed!

  4. No, just a little decorations for my icon this Halloween Holiday. Your weekend sounds like a great one. We love NetFlix. Big hello to Mrs Bard from me.

    PS: I miss working in my lab and at the prep kitchen. Very much looking forward to getting back to normal.

    PPS: Love that you didn't have any work-related projects for the weekend. That's the good stuff.