Saturday, August 6, 2011

Meet Tristan Greyweather

Character creation is moving apace for the Labyrinth Lord pbp sandbox campaign I've just entered. Barring any changes requested by the GM, and additional equipment to be purchased once we decide as a group where we'll be going and what we'll be doing, here's my character.

Tristan Greyweather, Human Thief

Tristan's Background: Tristan grew up in the lands west of Krom's Teeth at an orphanage. There he learned to read and write common and dwarvish. At the age of sixteen he left the orphanage, apprenticed to a tanner who beat him mercilessly. Tristan ran away and took to petty theft. But he soon decided the risk of getting caught and imprisoned (or worse) was more than his small gains were worth. He chose to embark on a career as an adventurer instead. Joining some companions he made his way across the mountains to the town of Longspear in eastern Yendo. Other than his gear, he has one personal possession as he begins his adventures – a small, worthless stone marble that his parents gave to him before they died. He keeps it with him at all times, fidgeting with it when he is thinking hard, or when he is nervous. In times of great stress or fear, it becomes a sort of totem that helps him to focus and do what he needs to stay out, or get out, of trouble.

Image from Arion Games' Fantasy Heroes III
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Level: 1, XP: 0, HP: 5, AC: 5

Str: 6, Int: 15, Wis: 14, Dex: 18, Con: 15, Chr: 10

Armor and Equipment: Leather Armor, Cloth Cloak, Cloth Shirt, Light Trousers, High Soft Leather Boots, Leather Belt, Long Bow, Quiver/20 arrows (1d8), Dagger (1d4), Second Dagger (1d4), Waterskin, Wineskin, Wine (2 pints), Backpack, Spare Cloth Cloak, Trail Rations (7 days), Small Belt Pouch, Thieves' Tools

Coin and Treasure: 40 gp, 5 sp (4.05 lb)

Other Information

Ability Bonuses and Penalties: -1 to melee attack,-1 to melee damage, -1 to forcing doors, read, write common and , +1 to saves vs. magic effects, -3 to AC, +3 to missile attack, +10% to thief skills, +1 hp/HD, max 4 retainers, retainer morale 7, +10% XP

Thieving Skills: Pick Locks (17%), Find/Remove Traps (14%), Pick Pockets (23%), Move Silently (23%), Climb Walls (87%), Hide in Shadows (13%), Hear Noise (1-2)

Saving Throws: Breath Attacks (16), Poison/Death (14), Petrify/Paralyze (13), Wands (15), Spells/Spell-Like Devices (14)

Base Encumbrance (Personal Equipment): 56.05 lb

Base Move: 90/turn. 30(90)/round, 18/day


  1. I really like your character, Best of luck on your grand adventures!

  2. Cool character. I look forward to updates about the campaign. You might have already said but what rules are you using for the RPG?

  3. Christian and Lurker: Thanks! I think we're just about ready to dive in.

    Dan: Thanks -- I don't recall if I mentioned it or not. We're going to be using Labyrinth Lord.