Saturday, May 7, 2011

Raid on Rhal: A Scenario for SONG OF BLADES AND HEROES

Prologue: Quietly Beragon led his troops across the hills, moving toward the elven prospecting settlement of Rhal. Their mission was simple. Drive out the prospectors and secure the area so the Baron's own engineers could move in. With each faint clink of armor, Beragon gritted his teeth. "Quiet!" he hissed, barely above a whisper. Silence was paramount. The last thing they needed was to draw the attention of a Jhanakai archer before they even reached the settlement.

In his camp, Glythwyl thought for a moment. One of his scouts had spotted the group of soldiers from Maradon marching across the hills of the Dran Feldar. Heading to...? Rhal. That was the only logical choice. Glythwyl wasted no time, and called his rangers to him. "Weapons only!" he cried. "We move quickly!" Racing to Rhal with his small company, Glythwyl arrived just in time to meet the men of Maradon head-on and try to thwart their designs.

The Battlefield: A 3' x 3' area, laid out as in the image below.

Beragon's Raiders arrive at the top of the image, 
Glythwyl's Rangers from the bottom.

Glythwyl's Rangers:
Glythwyl, Commander (100)
Elf Warriors (2 x 38)
Elf Archers (2 x 55)
Total: 286 points

Beragon's Raiders:
Human Leader (60)
Human Magic-User (40)
Human Archer (44)
Five Human Warriors (5 x 30)
Total: 294 Points

Victory: This is simply an all-out battle. Whichever side retains possession of the settlement, by driving off the other, wins.


  1. Looking forward to battle and result.

  2. This looks like a great skirmish.. tabletop warfare at its fantasy best!

    "Glythwyl wasted no time, and called his rangers to him."
    Yeah, if I had Ranger troops, I wouldn't waste time in calling them either hehe ;)

    The layout is appealing and simple, yet perfect for these kind of tactical engagements. Really nice. I look forward to seeing the Elves whip the Humans... err, I mean the results of the battle :D

  3. The terrain looks fairly balanced without being boring and overly symmetrical. I'll be interested to see if my "at a glance" impression turns out to be true.