Saturday, April 30, 2011

A-Z: Zamora

Now when the King was dead, the noble Castillians took counsel together how they should proceed against the men of Zamora for this great treason which had been committed. And Don Diego Ordoñez arose, a man of royal lineage and great hardihood; and he said unto them, "If ye will all assent to this, I will impeach the men of Zamora, for the death of the King our Lord." Then Don Diego Ordoñez mounted and rode towards Zamora. And when he drew nigh unto the town, he began to cry aloud, asking if Don Arias Gonzalo were there, for he would speak with him.

And Don Arias Gonzalo went upon the wall to see who called for him, and he spake to the knight, saying, "Friend, what wouldest thou?" And Don Diego Ordoñez answered, "The Castillians have lost their Lord; the traitor Vellido slew him, and ye of Zamora have received Vellido and harbored him within your walls. And for this I impeach the people of Zamora, the great as well as the little, the living and the dead, they who now are and they who are yet unborn; and I impeach the waters which they drink and the garments which they put on; their bread and their wine, and the very stones in their walls. If there be any one in Zamora to gainsay what I have said, I will do battle with him, and conquer him, so that the infamy shall remain upon you."

–– The Chronicle of the Cid (translated by Robert Southey, excerpt edited and abridged by Bard)

Full Text available at the Conquest Anglo-Norman Society


  1. Strong words! A great example of a rousing speech.

  2. Well done, and congratulations on completing the challenge!