Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ilkhan of Malvernis: Figure for Ares

Last night and this morning I painted the first figure of the batch of barbarian-esque minis I ordered from Reaper, and just now gave him some stats for Ares. Since I already have a few heroes, I'm trying to complete some villains, such as Ilkhan here:

Ilkhan of Malvernis (56 points)
Wounds: 4
Move: 4"
Morale: 4
Armor: D6
Close Combat: D8
Ranged Combat: - -
Weapons: Polearm D12                                   
Magic: D6
Spells: None                                       
Special: Individual, Fanatic, Ferocious

Again, I kept the name Ilkhan of Malvernis that the figure was given by Reaper. It is noteworthy that "Malvernis" in French means "poor clear-coat" or "poorly clear-coated" in modeling terms. I don't know if this was intentional on the part of the designer, but I find it rather an amusing name for a miniature.

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