Saturday, December 11, 2010

Song of Blades and Heroes: The Battle of Undin Wood

     It is just before dawn that Captain Panas speaks with the scout on the edge of Lissac village.
     "How many orcs did you see?"
     "Fewer than ten," says the scout, "just a small raiding party, marching through the Undin Wood"
     The Captain looks toward the trees. "If we move now, we can meet them in the wood before they get within striking distance of the village."
     "And if they can't be stopped?"
     "You'll stay here. Have the villagers ready to evacuate. If you don't get a message from me by the time the sun climbs over the eastern hill, it means we're all dead. Get them out of the village and head for the outpost at Havern with all speed."
     An hour later, Captain Panas and his band encounter the orc raiding party in the Undin Wood and launch a preemptive attack against them.

Human Warband:
     Human Leader, Captain Panas (60 points)
     2 Human Archers (88 points)
     5 Human Warriors (150 points)
     Total = 298 points

Orc Warband:
     Orc Champion (76 points)
     3 Orc Archers (87 points)
     5 Savage Orc Warriors (135 points)
     Total = 298 points

Scenario: "All Out Battle"

Attacker: Humans

Battle Report: Panas' men advance in formation as the Orcs move forward in a disorganized mob. The archers on both sides head for the cover of the trees. One orc arrow finds its mark, and the human warband is already down one man.

The melee begins and one orc is killed, while several other men and orcs are knocked off balance or forced to recoil, including Captain Panas who falls to the ground.

The orc champion hammers Panas with a powerful blow while he's down and kills the human leader.

Some of the men begin to waver. The left flank starts to crumble, but the right flank holds. As the men regain their composure, one of them manages to get into the woods to attack an orc archer – and gets himself killed. Things look desperate for the men when a fallen orc is brutally dispatched (gruesome kill)!

At the sight of this, two other orcs panic and flee the battlefield, and suddenly the fight is even again. The men rally and reform.

In the following melee, three men gang up on the orc champion. The champion tries to fight them off, but is hacked to pieces (gruesome kill).

Another orc panics and flees the fight while the remaining orcs fall back. The human archers race after the orc retreating on the left flank and kill him with an arrow in the back, while the human warriors press toward the rest. The orcs decide they have had enough and the survivors launch into headlong flight.  One of the men is sent back to the village of Lissac to inform the folk that the danger has passed. The villagers are safe, but at the cost of Captain Panas and two of his men.

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