Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Factions in Ravensburg

I've been working on developing Ravensburg some more during my week off for Christmas. So far I've just sketched these out in broad brush strokes (essentially what any average person living in Ravensburg would know). I'll detail them later bit by bit as play develops around them. There are a total of 13 groups, which I think should suffice for now.

  1. The Council of Magistrates: the city's governing body.
  2. The Black Guard: keepers of law and order in the city.
  3. The Church: worshipers of Numina, the one true goddess
  4. The Druids: worshipers of the Old Gods; they are not outlawed, but the practice of their religion is scorned and they inhabit the wild lands around the city.
  5. The Duality: secret cult that worships Demogorgon; outlawed enemy of the Church and frequently at odds with the Covenant.
  6. The Covenant: The secret cult that worships Orcus; outlawed enemy of the Church and frequently at odds with the Duality.
  7. The Creed: a company of highly skilled assassins.
  8. The Veil: a secret society of spies who can get information on anyone – for a price.
  9. The Syndicate: the city's biggest thieves' guild.
  10. The University of Ravensburg: a group of scholars with knowledge historical and natural, ancient and current.
  11. The Laborer's Guild: serves the interests of those who neither produce nor sell merchandise, e.g. porters, torch-bearers, tavern wenches, lackeys, valets, teamsters, etc.
  12. The Artisan's Guild: serves the interests of those who produce physical objects, e.g. black-smiths, gold- and silver-smiths, gem-cutters, leather workers, potters, book-binders, basket-weavers, rope-makers, bakers, etc.)
  13. The Merchant's Guild: serves the interests of those who sell goods and services provided by others; e.g. brokers, shop-owners and vendors, traders, peddlers, etc. 

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