Thursday, November 29, 2018

What More or Less Happened in Tonight's Game

After a month without playing due to scheduling conflicts, we got together to play in Tim's Komor Forest game using BX Essentials. At one point it kind of went like this:

Well, maybe not that bad. But close. My character, Brimstone, gets hit by an ochre jelly. Jelly ooze is now eating through Brimstone's clothing and searing his flesh. That same round, Ken's character, Finkas, standing behind Brimstone, tries to throw a torch on the jelly. He misses. With a nat 1. Tim says "Roll again, Ken." How bad is the critical fail? Ken rolls another nat 1. So Finkas' torch strikes Brimstone so hard in the backpack that the impact breaks Brimstone's oil flask. Oil runs out of the seams of the pack, down Brimstone's legs and makes contact with the still lit torch now lying on the ground. So Brimstone finds himself dissolving in jelly acid while simultaneously burning like a roman candle. Miraculously, thanks to some quick action by one of Rob's henchmen, Brimstone survives the calamity. Barely.


  1. Replies
    1. What's even worse is that at the end of it all, Brimstone was left standing pantless. Kind of Grinch-style.

  2. EPIC DEATH! OK didn't die so that's out...

    Heroic wound! Hmm, maybe not so much that either...

    Oh, here we go. Hirelings carry the oil. Definitely this! :-)