Friday, November 3, 2017

Con on the Cob Countdown -- Less Than a Week to Go

This weekend I'll be putting some final touches on my adventure and printing out pregens for next weekend's Con on the Cob.

Going with +Tim Shorts and +Rob Conley and we've managed to set ourselves a full but not hectic schedule:

Thursday Evening: Tammeraut’s Fate Mini Module (D&D 3.X).
Friday Morning: The Monks of Saint Cobb (White Box: FMAG -- GM'd by yours truly).
Friday Afternoon: Fantasy World Building (Panel).
Friday Evening: Ask the Elders (Barebones Fantasy).
Saturday Afternoon: Scourge of the Werewolf (D&D 5E/Adv. in Middle Earth -- GM'd by Rob).
Saturday Evening: The Gate of R’lyeh: a deduction game of cosmic horror.

And just this evening on the Con on the Cob website, I saw that the White Box game I'm running has sold out. I'm totally stoked about this, both because I could actually have a full table for the game, or at least, if one or two players don't show, I should have enough to still run the game.


  1. Very cool! I hope you have fun. I'm actually trying to figure out which Cons to attend next year for my NerdWord stuff so it's funny you mention this one. :D