Sunday, November 3, 2013

Making Maps -- 9 Rough Map Sections for Ephemera

I roughed out some maps (too brain-numbed to do anything verbal after grading a stack of papers) beyond my center map for Ephemera. I'm doing these as bite-sized sections for easy use, but I've patched them together to have a rough overview of the lay of the land around my center starting section. No villages or labels on them yet (except the center section).

Before edit
I'll probably tweak the north-center, north-eastern and eastern-center sections, since I find they look distinctly... well... sectional. They were the first sections I did after the center, and I made the mistake of not letting non-clear terrain touch the edges of the map which gives them a very unnatural-looking "border" effect. But just extending a few terrain features to, and/or just over, the edges should help to rectify that a bit.

EDIT: I have tweaked several sections, and I think the terrain overlapping into multiple sections does wonders to get rid of the artificial "boxy" border effect. 

After edit: I think the terrain overlapping into different sections looks better.

All in all though, it gives a rough idea of the main terrain features. At some point, either to the north or to the south, I'll make the coastline take a radical turn inward (eastward) to shake things up a bit. But that's a way's off time-wise. The 24-mile-per-hex map now covers over 600,000 square miles, about the size of Alaska or Mongolia. More than enough to start, and there are far more important things to work on. 

But this was a good, or at least satisfying, exercise for today.


  1. I think that's a good size. People often jumped to wanting everything to be continental sized.

  2. It's getting closer. I can feel it.

    Plenty big. I'm already plotting where my empire will go.

  3. Groovy. I think we need to add a second game night every week.

  4. I was just gonna write the word, groovy when I saw that Ken guy wrote it.