Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ephemera – What I've Got, What I Need, What I Want

With some rather chaotic things in my work life going temporarily on hold, I've started working on Ephemera in earnest. I'd really like to have something well enough developed in order to run the occasional "filler" session when the Monday night group's regular GM's need or want a break.

What I've Got

A chosen rule-set: Swords & Wizardry (core).

A one-page list of house-rules, mostly detailing which of the many options presented in S&W will be in play.

A two-page "Player's Guide" giving very rough, broad-brush descriptions of:

  • World History
  • PCs as Cindarrin
  • Wilderness
  • Settlements
  • Dungeons
  • Religions
  • Arcane and Religious Magic
  • Lore and Ignorance
  • Money
  • XP
  • Lethality
  • Alignment Notes

A rough 24-mile-to-the-hex map of a 67,000 square mile section of Ephemera (about the size of Wisconsin)

A map and one-page write-up of the village in the center of that map

Maps of a couple of adventure areas, with basic ideas roughed out but no detailed stocking or keys

What I Really Need Before Running Anything

Detailed stocking and keys for those adventure areas

What I Really Want Before Running Anything

Maps and one-page write-ups for the other villages on the current map

A couple of small, spare "pocket dungeons" I can randomly whip out and plunk down on the map (creating the illusion of preparation) if the PCs go in an unexpected direction


  1. There are hundreds of one page dungeons to 'whip out'. I'm heading over to the player's guide now to take a look around.

    1. Yeah, actually, I was thinking about that. Not a bad idea.

  2. Interesting setup, looking forward to trying this and I can certainly work with it.