Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Paragon of Purity

With all the violence here, who would have guessed this blog would get such a family-friendly rating?

Apparently the only objectionable elements to my blog are two appearances of the word "death."

Whoops! Make that three now.


  1. G rated, eh? I didn't do mine yet but I have words like nookie, poop and turd.

    Hope things are going well, Bard.

  2. Hey, I'm back. I did mine and I am PG-13.

  3. Hey Whisk! Hope all is well with you too! Yeah, for the G rating, I should in all honesty admit that by adding a third "death" in the post, and by adding the word "whoops" which the program seems to be reading as "poops" my blog just got bumped up to a PG rating, LOL.

  4. PG-13 -- cool, a good middle ground. Not too goodie-two-shoes, not too obscene. Right in the Goldilocks zone of moral rectitude. (Oh, great, now the program's going to bump me up to "R" for using the word "rectitude")