Saturday, April 9, 2011

Templar Knights from Reaper Minis

So after my ten-day trip and a full week of trying to catch up on things when I got back home, I finally managed to pick up a brush this week and start painting again – boy, did it feel good! Painting is terribly therapeutic. I've decided to switch up from 25mm plastics to 28mm metal minis for my Song of Blades and Heroes warbands. I spent the week painting five Templar Knights from Reaper.

I opted to not paint them as Templars, going instead with a scheme to match some existing figures. The five knights will join up with Sir Titus, Lorus Hightower the Wizard, and Connor the Archer to make a nice human warband.

Human Leader (60)
Human Magic-User (40)
Human Archer (44)
Five Human Warriors (5 x 30)
Total: 294 Points


  1. very nicely done. you took some effort in arranging them; it shows in the foto, good job!