Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wraith and Ruin: A Test Scenario for STEEL AND GLORY

Candlewick's Plight:

People began locking doors in the southern Barony village of Candlewick when the sun went down. The tavern was filled with tales of unnatural shadows and eerie sounds coming from the forests after dark. On the farms nearest the woods, livestock were found stone dead when farmers went to their fields in the morning. There were no marks on the animals – no cuts, no stabs, no broken bones – just dead eyes open unnaturally wide from the wild fear that filled them before they died. A messenger was sent to the baron for help.

The baron dispatched Sir Titus, a trusted Barony Noble, and Alaine, his sergeant, to investigate. Before they set out, they consulted with the baron's scribe and sage, Master Scrall, who told them of an ancient ruin in the wilds near the village. This, he believed, might be the source of the uncanny occurrences near Candlewick. It took three days for Titus and Alaine to reach the village, and they approached the ruin shortly after sunset. Soon their blood went cold as they caught a glimpse of a wraith through the trees.

The Board: 

The scenario uses a 24" x 24" board set up as per the diagram.

Characters, Factions and Abilities:

Sir Titus (Barony): Command (essentially gives Alaine an extra action each turn); Parry (allows Titus to block blows from his foes); Shield Rush (allows Titus to use his shield as a weapon to knock down opponenent).

Alaine (Barony): Mighty Blow (gives her a strong attack); War Horn (gives both her and Titus an attack bonus when blown).

The Wraith (Bloodlord Undead): Death Field (allows him to automatically drain health from anyone within range); Death Touch (allows the Wraith to attack by touch, ignoring enemy armor); Undead (enemies need to pass a will test to move close to him).

Special Rules:

There is a magic circle inscribed on the floor within the ruin, which is to be part of a blood ritual to take place at the next full moon – a ritual that will increase the Wraith's power. Each Barony character that enters the ruin can make a will test (each character can only make the test once). If successful, that character recognizes the circle for what it is and spoils it (by pouring holy water on it, scrawling over it with a weapon, etc.).

Game End:

The game is over at the end of turn 10, unless one side or the other is completely eliminated earlier.


If one side completely eliminates the other prior to game end, that side wins. If neither side is completely eliminated at the end of turn 10, victory is based on victory points (VP) calculated at the end of the game. The side with the most accumulated VP wins; if VP are equal the game is drawn. The Barony characters receive 1 VP for reducing the Wraith to half his health points or fewer, and 1 point for destroying the magic circle in the ruin. The Wraith gets 1 VP for each Barony character eliminated.

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